This map lists historic fire tower locations in Minnesota. I obtained the data from a variety of sources beginning with the Minnesota Fire Towers web site, then including NGS and MN NGS Data Sheets, a 1920 map of the Superior National Forest, US Topographic Maps, other maps and some written documentation.

Approximately 4 dozen towers remain standing in Minnesota most owned by the Department of Natural Resources, tribal and a couple privately owned. A few allow and encourage the public to climb.

I plan to visit as many of these sites as possible in the coming years. This map will guide my "Tour of the Towers". Find photo-logs my visits here.

Please send any information you have about these locations: dates removed, condition of tower, stories, etc. to comments!

Click on the name in the scrolling index to open a window with more information.

I have a waypoint file (a gpx formated file) of these 174 locations of these locations and will soon include. You may load this file into your GPSr unit or a mapping program such as EasyGPS. Click on this link and choose save link as.

The darker green markers indicat towers the original list reports as still standing. I make corrections as I get information

Rotate your mouse wheel forward to zoom in on map; backward to zoom out. Double click on map (not a marker) to zoom in. Click on name in the side bar to bring named tower location into focus and open an information window.

Hold down left mouse button to drag other portion of map in view.

Code for the map pins. ! indicates a standing tower (in some cases however the lower level stairs or ladder is removed to prevent climbing). ^ a modified tower (usually means it now serves as an antennae mast). Blank indicates the tower is gone.

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